7 Things to Do Right After You Get Engaged


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You just said the easiest and biggest "yes" of your life and are ready to dive into the proverbial wedding planning pool. But where to begin? Sure, Pinterest can give you a nice 12 month schedule of what to plan and when. But beyond the timeline, how do you stay sane, organized and most of all, in love with the wedding planning process (and your fiancé)? We spoke with some of the wedding industry's top pros for their best tips for accomplishing all of the above and reading in between the lines of the Pinterest timeline graphics. Read on for 7 tips from the insider's themselves about attaining ultimate pre-wedded bliss.


Consider the Seasons

"When choosing a wedding date, consider the season as that can dictate a lot of your decisions. If your dream venue is outdoors, make sure there’s a rain plan. Additionally, the season will determine which flowers you can and cannot use. This will also help you narrow down your color scheme choices to set the tone for your wedding." – Euri Wong, Bloominous

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