How to Create a DIY Centerpiece with Fresh Wedding Flowers

In today's world, the average wedding costs more than $32,000 and is expected to climb even higher in the years to come. While there may be many aspects of the wedding where money can be saved, perhaps none are more important than the flowers. To get a high-end look with fresh flowers, more and more couples are turning to DIY centerpieces. Not only will this option save in excess of 50 percent when compared to traditional florists, but it will also let you create flower arrangements that look spectacular. With the simple instruction guide that comes with each kit, it's easier than ever to create wedding centerpieces that will reflect the theme of your special day. With many types of flowers from which to choose, you're sure to have plenty of choices that will reflect your wedding's theme, whether that be rustic, contemporary, or something else. If this sounds like the perfect plan for your wedding, purchasing do-it-yourself kits from an online florist such as Bloominous is a great idea. Along with saving plenty of money, you'll be sure to find the perfect flowers that will help you create stunning DIY centerpieces that will make your wedding day just a bit more beautiful and special.

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How to Start

To make sure you get off to a great start with your centerpieces, it's important to finish planning such aspects of your wedding as the budget, date, and venue. Once these are set, the decoration and style aspects of your wedding can become your main priority. Whether you're getting married on the beach or at a country club, you can choose to do centerpieces that range from traditionally elegant to boldly eclectic. No matter what your preference, you're sure to find a DIY kit that suits your needs and tastes. With an ability to choose from a variety of kits that include a wide selection of flowers, you can save money and create centerpieces that will leave your guests in awe.

Portioning Out and Buying

Once you've decided to go with DIY centerpieces and have chosen the company from which you'll purchase, it's time to get into the specifics of portioning out and buying. Since you can order your flowers whenever you're ready, you can place an order up to one year in advance of your wedding, making the planning process much easier. With each kit being perfectly portioned to meet your needs, it's easier than ever to put together centerpieces that will look great and reflect the theme of your special day. In fact, each kit contains not only the flowers, but also the vases, ribbons, floral tape, wires, pins, flower food, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Tools and Supplies

When it comes to the tools and supplies needed to create your DIY centerpieces, there are numerous options from which to choose. In addition to finding plenty of supplies in your kits, there are also many other items that can be used to create stunning and unusual centerpieces. For example, wooden candle holders of various heights can be used as accents to your floral centerpieces. Inexpensive and able to be purchased from local hardware stores or arts and crafts shops, the candle holders can be spray painted in various colors that match your flowers, which will then let you add candles in matching colors. For another idea that costs little but also looks great, purchase a variety of drinking glasses in different shapes and sizes, then decorate them using paint and glitter. With some glue, stickers, and tape, these decorative glasses will help your DIY centerpieces come alive. 

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How to Dress Up Your Centerpiece

If you want to dress up your centerpiece, you've got a virtually endless number of ways to do so. One of the hottest trends for rustic weddings is to use flower pots made from tree bark to create country wedding centerpieces. Another popular idea for today's weddings involves tissue-paper flowers, which are ideal for weddings held in colder months. Arranged at different heights in vases of different colors, these help bring a whimsical touch to your centerpieces. As an added attraction, try adding hand-painted flower pots to your centerpieces. If you want to incorporate centerpieces that continue your weddings colors, there are great tips for creating floral arrangements that come with DIY kits. For example, if you have a peach wedding be sure to add some white flowers with touches of green or gold to make the primary color pop. Along with adding color and charm to your tables, you can invite your guests to take the pots home with them as a wedding favor.

Savvy Brides and Grooms Love DIY Flowers for Centerpieces 

With couples getting more and more creative with their weddings, DIY centerpieces are quickly becoming the preferred option when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere on that special day. A great way to take out the guesswork of creating beautiful centerpieces, DIY kits can not only make the process easy, but also fun. If you want to involve friends and family in the process, get together with your bridesmaids and other friends for a DIY centerpiece party. By spending an afternoon working together on the centerpieces, you're sure to have an endless array of beauty that will serve as an inspiration to everyone on your wedding day.

5 Tips for Creating an Elegant Rustic Peach Wedding Using DIY Flowers

When planning your wedding, it seems as if the possibilities are endless when it comes to themes, colors, and other aspects of your special day. For many brides, selecting the main color theme for the wedding is one of the most difficult decisions. After all, once the color is selected, it will be used in everything from dresses to flowers to invitations and much more. Since so many weddings take place in both the Fall and in warmer months of the year, the color peach is fast becoming one of the most popular color choices for brides. Whether it's finding peach-colored flowers, having a peach-flavored wedding cake, or choosing a wedding dress with peach hues, there's no doubt using peaches in various aspects of your wedding can make the day truly wonderful. If you've decided you want to create an elegant peach wedding, here are five tips you can use to ensure your special day is indeed perfect.

peach diy wedding flowers

Peach Wedding Flowers

Needless to say, peach wedding flowers are some of the most popular selections for today's weddings. The downside is they also tend to cost more. This is why many couples are working with boutique-style companies that offer DIY wedding flowers. By being able to choose collections that are farm-fresh and proportioned to ensure couples can easily create their own floral decorations for their wedding, tremendous amounts of money can be saved while still obtaining elegance and high quality. If this sounds right for your wedding, some of the best rustic wedding flowers to use include peach roses, peach Asiatic lilies, mango lilies, and coral roses, which have just a hint of peach color and are very desirable for bouquets or other arrangements. These could include peach garden roses, wax flowers, scabiosa pods, alstromeria, wood flowers, camellia, eucalyptus, and dusty miller greenery to create a gorgeous peach and white flower arrangements with lively greens.  From rustic to tropical, DIY wedding flower companies offer your desired color in multiple styles.

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Peach-Colored Wedding Dresses and Boutonnieres for Groom and Groomsmen

As any bride knows, selecting her wedding dress is perhaps the most important decision she will make regarding her wedding. While brides continue to choose traditional white dresses, many brides are instead opting to wear peach-colored dresses on their special day. If this sounds appealing to you, you'll have plenty of options. For many brides, dresses emphasizing pastel peach colors are all the rage. Not only do they look great, but they are also the perfect color for brides whose skin color is an olive tone. And for the groom and groomsmen, peach-colored boutonnieres are also quite stylish and elegant. The perfect accessory, they offer a touch of class that will make even the most handsome groom and groomsmen look even better.

peach colored table arrangements

Peach-Colored Table Arrangements

Once the flowers, dresses, and boutonnieres have been selected, next up are the table arrangements. Once again, there are numerous ways in which a peach theme can be incorporated into this aspect of the wedding. For many rustic weddings, table arrangements that include peach-colored roses and white hydrangeas can reinforce the theme, paying homage to the traditional Southern ambiance that embraces peaches and all they represent in Southern culture.

peach wedding cakes

Peach Wedding Cakes

If you want to add a special touch to the traditional wedding cake, make it a peachy. A very popular choice for many Southern and rustic weddings, a peach wedding cake can look beautiful and taste like bliss. If you're having a summer wedding, try the Summer Peach Wedding Cake. A simple, two-tiered cake covered in blush-colored buttercream icing, it's made even more impressive by displaying a bold budding pattern. Given a romantic look by large white buttercream flowers, it's often seen as a great way to add color to a table, in addition to being delicious.

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Peach Cocktails

Considered a wonderful fruit for mixed drinks, peaches are the perfect choice for cocktails at your wedding. Whether it's peach brandy or peach vodka, there are plenty of cocktails that will please your guests. Some of the most popular choices for your wedding include Frisco 49, which uses roasted honey peach syrup to create a tantalizing drink for anyone's taste buds. Or if you prefer, try a White Peach Julep, which will please those who love old Southern traditions. And to make sure you have some wonderful drinks for those who don't want alcohol in their mix, try a Sparkling Peach Sunrise that uses fresh-squeezed peach juice. With these and other peach cocktails available to your guests, the reception is sure to be one filled with great fun and great drinks.

As rustic weddings become more and more popular with Southern couples as well as those in other parts of the country that adore the timeless style, using peaches in various aspects of the wedding can add not only a beautiful touch of color, but also a flavor that will appeal to virtually everyone. Traditional yet stylish, a peach theme is the perfect choice for your perfect day.