Wedding Planning Basics for the DIY Bride: 5 Things You Need to Know
  • So You're Planning Your Wedding: 5 Things to Know
So You're Planning Your Wedding: 5 Things to Know

On the eve of National Weddings Month (yes, this is an actual holiday!), we’d like to reach out to all soon-to-be brides.  Hopefully, you’re considering Bloominous for your florals, but there are still so many other things to think about, especially if you’re a DIYer. Here are a few practical “wedding 101” things to know to help kick off your planning process. Hope you enjoy! 

1) Know your “stuff” (literally): Wedding planning is a lot of shopping and a lot of potential wasted money. Be prepared. Keep a copy of your invitation (write down the name of the font, if possible) with you, a cheat sheet of your table measurements (if you have them already), pictures of the venue in your phone, and a photo inventory of notable items purchased to date. You’ll be sure to stumble upon some cool item at a random store when you least expect it and have to decide whether it’ll work for your event or not—when that happens you’ll want to have information at the ready to help you make an educated decision.

    2) Know your dimensions: For those DIYing your own dessert tables, runners, banners and so on, measure out any items you’re crafting for (tables, windows, etc.) and then measure them again to be doubly sure. It sounds like extra work to be so uptight, but it’s better to be 200% certain than to buy stuff off of wrong parameters, wasting time AND money. True story: I made a bunch of custom runners (burlap with gold dovetails—DIY post coming soon!) for a friend, and they turned out beautiful. And 36” too long. We made it work with some artful folding, but to avoid surprises like that on the big day, measure, measure, measure! It’s better to be overly careful than sorry. :)

    Added Tip: because you're perpetually hunting for the next perfect thing to buy or make, keep a tape measure on you.

      3) Know your venue(s): This is a bit of a no brainer, but ask your venue(s) if they have any restrictions or rules about decor.  This is especially important for brides getting married in a traditional church building. Many places have rules about open flames (candles), and some have rules about whether you can have fresh petals on the ground or not. Many others have strict rules about what decorations are allowed at the altar. Again, your venue should give you this info upfront, but if they don’t, be sure to ask before you get a bunch of stuff they won’t let you use! Also, keep a cheat sheet of venue info (address, contact numbers, rules, etc.) on you, in your phone or in print!
        4) Know your resources: The Bloominous team is based in Los Angeles, where we have access to pretty cool flower and fabric districts. However, we know this isn’t true for a lot of people out there. A few good (and competitively priced) online vendors include:
          • Save-on-Crafts: great resource for general crafting and wedding supplies from vases to dried reindeer moss 
          • Online Fabric Store: excellent selection of fabrics at competitive prices
          • Dollar Tree: bulk frames, candles, glassware, etc.—all for a dollar! Heads up, though, they usually sell in bulk (e.g., 24 pieces per package)
          • Home Depot: crafting glues and other fun materials like paint, twine, and wire. It’s really some of the same merchandise carried at large craft store chains, but at better prices. 

          By no means is this a comprehensive list, but it does get you started!

          5) Know your people: Recruit and delegate! The more involved in the planning and details you want to be, the MORE you have to delegate because you’re essentially piling on work for yourself. If you have a few bridesmaids, you might want to consider having them tackle specific tasks.

          Added Tip: (this is more of a general management tip) clear definition of roles and jobs helps a team avoid double work, confusion, and possible conflict about who does what. Make sure your team of helpers (not just the wedding party) have each others' contact information so they don't have to bug you all the time to collaborate!

          ...AND here's a quick visual reminder (because we love visual reminders, photoshop, and pretty pictures) of a few handy things to keep with you during this crazy planning process!

          The Basics: How to Plan a Wedding Infographic

          We’d love to hear from you—leave us a comment or question, and our experts will be sure to get back to you!

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