These Are Some of Our Favorite Things: A Registry Review
  • These Are Some of Our Favorite Things: A Registry Review
These Are Some of Our Favorite Things: A Registry Review

Here are a few items that are pretty tried and true in a range of price points (they're made to last, which means you and your guests get the best bang for your/their buck)—let us know what you think!


1) Breville Smart Oven This thing is the size of a microwave, but has the functions of an oven, toaster, and broiler all in one. Do we sound too sale-sy? We really love this. I’ve personally used it to make pizza, pork asada, fish filets, and toast.

2) Slow Cooker We love them. Boring “favorite?” Maybe, but we don’t care! It’s so dang practical when you’re cooking for two AND when you’re strapped for time—just toss in the ingredients and hit a button in the morning before work. Use the time saved cooking to cuddle instead. Pictured here is the Hamilton Beach programmable model.

3) Pinzon Towels (820g) We got the scoop on these from a friend who worked in the Amazon home goods department who raved about their quality. Can’t disagree with him. They’re really well priced for the quality (you want these things to last) and are super absorbent according to me, my husband, and a long list of house-guests.

4) A Good 8 Quart Stock Pot Not sure what pots to register for? If we had to pick just one, it’d be the eight quart stock pot from All Clad. It’s sturdy, versatile, big, and beautiful. It doesn’t have to be this particular brand, but that size is AWESOME. It’s great for making a big pot of food for the week (for two) or for preparing a meal for guests. Lastly, this thing is made to last.

5) Hario Kettle We got this because my husband is a coffee snob, but I personally love it for many other reasons: 1) It’s quite a nice looking piece, 2) It heats up a pot of water very quickly, and 3) Its long, thin spout prevents even the clumsiest of us (me) from spills.

What NOT to register for:

There’s no real list here. This really could be its own blog entry, but in short we would advise you to ask yourself, “Self, where will you put this?” each and every time you want to add something to the registry, followed by, “Would I have gotten this for myself? If not, why?” It’s tempting to see it as a free shopping spree, but you might as well be more thoughtful about what you ask for—otherwise, you’ll be stuck with a lot of trips to the store to return a bunch of stuff you realize you didn’t want. More time saved :).




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