How to Start DIY: 5 Things You Need to Know
  • 5 Things You Need to Know Before You DIY
5 Things You Need to Know Before You DIY

DIY (aka "Do-It-Yourself") weddings and parties have become increasingly popular over the years, and if you're just beginning the planning process, I'm sure the thought to DIY has crossed your mind.  I mean, the DIY option is fun, creative, and affordable, but you're probably wondering if it's the right option for YOU.  Well, our DIY veterans have put down their thoughts on what it takes to DIY successfully as well as what are some of the pitfalls you should know about and avoid.

1) Don't try to DIY every part of your wedding/event from scratch.

First off, no one expects you to that!  If your goal is to save money, you need to prioritize which activities to DIY.  Select the projects you think you'll enjoy and look for shortcuts to make your life easier.  For example, when designing cards, you don't need to design it from scratch.  There are plenty of templates out there that give you a head start to customizing your own.  We especially like the designs at  If you're looking for flowers, try not to spread yourself too thin by designing your own arrangements and then searching for what flowers to buy and where to buy them.  There are plenty of designs on the web that can inspire you - start from there and look for a trusted supplier to handle all your flowers.

2) Use your resources wisely.

There's a lot of help out there, but it's important not to get lost in the weeds.  Spending too much time on Pinterest may hold you back - a DIY's "writer's block," we like to call it.  Spend some time reading DIY blogs, such as, and talking with friends who may have DIY'ed before.  The key is to get information from different sources, not just from one source, and decide for yourself what is the best course of action.

3) Test your vendors

Any good vendor on the DIY bride's side will think about giving you a trial experience before your big day.  It's a low risk way to see what your project will look like and the time it takes to build it.  Many vendors out there see DIY brides as an accessory to their core business.  The key is to make sure your vendor understands the DIY bride and tailors their products and services for you!

4) Get help from friends and family

So you have everything planned.  All your materials and flowers are arriving on time, and you're ready to build!  Remember, you are not alone!  Recruit your mom, your bridesmaids, and yes, even your fiancee--  friends and family will be happy to help, and it's a great way to bond and share in the festivities.  Many DIY brides have fond memories not only of her wedding day but also the week leading up to the wedding.  It's about the whole experience, and your friends and family are here to be part of that experience with you.

5) Leave the last 48 hours for some "me-time" and relax

We recommend completing all your DIY projects 2-3 days before your big day.  If you're doing DIY flowers, reserve those at the end, so you have the freshest blooms.  Say your wedding is on Saturday--try to get all your cards, table numbers, and other non-floral related projects done the week before.  Then on Wednesday, before your wedding, get your flowers in and plan on completing the arrangements by Thursday.  Yes, by Thursday! It's totally doable :)

DIY should be fun, memorable, and more importantly, something you can look back and feel a sense of satisfaction and pride.  Whatever you decide to do, Bloominous is here to help.  Let us know how we can be a partner to you on your important day.  Leave us a comment or question, and as always, check back to see our new collections of easy DIY arrangements and accessories!



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