Top 2014 Wedding Trends: Colors, Themes & Dresses
  • Top 2014 Wedding Trends, From Colors to Themes to Dresses!
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Top 2014 Wedding Trends, From Colors to Themes to Dresses!
If you’re a newly engaged bride, then CONGRATULATIONS!  You are about to enter a very beautiful, exciting chapter of your life, and Bloominous is here to help—at least with the wedding :).  You’ve told us how difficult it is to keep up with fashion trends, let alone wedding trends.  After hours of rigorous research, we’ve found overlapping trends in colors, themes, and dresses.  So instead of giving you a laundry list of essentially the same trends, here’s an easy list of trends that apply to every aspect of your wedding.  And the added bonus?  A few words from our beloved floral designer, Yurie:

Color of the Year- Radiant Orchid:  The votes are in! Pantone®, the global color authority, has announced this blend of rich purples, pinks and fuchsia as the color to look for this year, meaning you’ll be seeing this color everywhere—wall paint, makeup, clothing and, of course, weddings.
A word from Yurie:  “Radiant orchid is a vibrant color that makes a statement – it has tropical vibes and is super feminine. If that’s not the direction you’re going, you can always use a minimal amount and pair it against soft lavenders, grays, and violets for a romantic and understated effect."

Pretty in Pink:  But not the 90s Barbie pink.  We’re talking about the soft, pastel pinks and peaches.  The best part about this trend is actually all the other colors you can pair with it, like nudes, greys, and blushes.  One easy way to incorporate this is picking a different shade for each of your bridesmaid.
A word from Yurie: “I was beyond excited about this trend!  My advice when picking a wedding theme or color is to think about your favorite things in life, and let that inspire you.  Your details will feel more timeless and personal!”

Flower Crowns and Lush Greens:  Tiaras are out, but flower crowns are in!  Hearty greens are the new focal points of bouquets with pops of color.  You can easily go with a trendy woodland theme or modern elegance with this look—all with a touch of whimsy, of course. 
A word from Yurie: “Floral headdresses is the perfect DIY Project!  It’s both beautiful and playful. Wearing a floral cluster to the side is a sweet option for a flowergirl without being overwhelming.  Brides also love the lush trailing tendrils of greens that accent bohemian braids or messy side buns.  Create the foundation of your headpiece with branches for a woodsy feel (as seen in our Bohemian Desert Collection) or entwine greenery like jasmine vine or smilax for something more substantial and modern."

Jewels, Jewels, Jewels:  Rhinestones and crystals are back in fashion, from intricately jeweled dresses to crystal chandeliers.  And another jewel trend is pops of jewel tone colors! A word from Yurie:  "Jewel tones have a strong personality and are sometimes hard to find in flowers.  Make a big impact by incorporating a linen in your favorite jewel tone shade.  If you can’t decide, black is always a safe choice, as jewel tones will really pop against a darker backdrop.  You can also bring in the colors in small areas like your stationary suites (table numbers, menus, favors, etc.)."

To Instagram or Not to Instagram:  Apparently one of 2014’s trends is unplugged weddings, as in no personalized hashtags… as in no phones allowed at all (phone checks?!).  Honestly, we think that’s a little cruel to guests!  Luckily, another trend is “super-charged” wedding.  This means phone charging stations, slow-motion video booths, and #hastageverything.
A word from Yurie:  “It’s wonderful to unplug and be in the moment!  But we also have to remember that guests are just as excited to share those moments with their communities.  If it’s a priority for you, make sure to point out that YOU want to be the first to announce your wedding on FB/ IG/ Twitter before they do.  On the other hand, you didn’t spend the last three weeks making those super unique place cards for no recognition, right?  With cool apps like Prinstagram, you can make a little picture book of memories through the eyes of your guests and even find gems you might have missed!”

Follow us on Pinterest and Instagram for more inspiration on 2014 trends!  Trend or not—we know DIY never goes out of style ;). Let us know which theme or look you’re thinking about for your special day and happy planning!



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