6 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
  • 6 DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas
  • Jess C
6 DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Tis’ the season of love! Valentine’s Day is only a couple weeks away. What are you doing for your sweetie? If you’re on a budget or just feeling crafty, we have 7 fun and easy DIY gift ideas. Let us know which one you’d like to try :)

1. The Triple B’s: Yes the BBB (Bacon Breakfast in Bed). Who can resist this delicious combination? We love Cool Mom Pick’s Valentine’s Day Breakfast Recipes, like the bacon hearts and egg in a heart. All you need are bacon, eggs, and toast!

    2. Fruit roll-ups fortune cookie: Song of the night? Daft Punk’s Get Lucky ft. Pharrell. Handwritten notes stuffed inside candy fortune cookies are a sweet way to list the 10 things you love about your sweetie. Better yet, create fortunes about your future together—vacations, honeymoon, wedding, etc!

      3. Bow tie for V-day AND W-day (wedding day!): Kill two birds with one stone—the DIY bow tie can be used for any occasion! So easy, so hip (ster), and so cute.

        4. Easy 10-minute tie camera strap—for the photographer in your life: Document your lives together in a fashionable way with this DIY camera strap made from his old tie. It’s practically free!
          5. Personalized wine, beer, or whiskey tasting: Create your own tasting with a DIY Chalkboard Tray for a romantic night in. This is also a great party idea with friends. Just add Cards Against Humanity and beverage of choice!
            6. Personalized mug or beer glass: You can customize matching mugs or glasses for your sweetie with just a sharpie and an oven. Design and bake at 350◦F for 30 minutes. This DIY project also makes great wedding favors. Fill each guest's personalized cup with sweets!
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