DIY: Sweet Valentine's Dessert
  • DIY: Valentine's Dessert
DIY: Valentine's Dessert

In the spirit of quickly approaching Valentine's Day, we are featuring a DIY that can either be an after dinner activity or a surprise dessert. Because this holiday is so female-centric, this actually caters to the guys who are often overlooked during this day. Guys are all about epic portions, the novelty of uses of gadgets and gizmos, and of course - food! This project is certain to pique his interest and score you some points in the "Efforts" Department!

Introducing the DIY Mega Chocolate Bowl:

A few months ago I noticed on pinterest a cool idea using water balloons to make chocolate cups. I made some for my niece for her birthday party and filled them with berries and whipped cream. They were cute for a tea party!

As adorable as these are, they definitely wouldn't cut it for the average guy. So here are some easy steps to create your very own chocolate bowl for the mountain of ice cream and brownies that will be sure to please and fun to share!

Here's what you'll need:

 TIP: You can find chocolate melts at any Michael's or cake supply store. They come in different colors and flavors (like mint or white chocolate) so there are plenty of options to mix and match to suit your man! And for a quick fix, purchase brownies at your local supermarket's bakery section.

 Here's how to put it all together:

1. Use your balloon pump to blow up the balloon - we suggest an 11" balloon for a substantial bowl. Grab the plate that you will want to present your bowl on and keep it nearby. Melt your chocolates in a shallow bowl in the microwave in 30 second increments. Stir after each round until your chocolate has been fully melted.

2. Dip the bottom of the balloon first to create your base. Then rotate each side in the chocolate until you have created your bowl. It will naturally create a petal edge!

3. Decorate with sprinkles while the chocolate is still cooling. You can also use his favorite candy, sprinkles in his favorite sport's team color, coconut or even granola.

4. Let your chocolate cool and harden on your special plate - at least 1/2 hour. When the chocolate is good and sturdy, take the pin and pop the balloon!

After the balloon has popped, it will stick slightly to the chocolate: Carefully peel it off - for the small pieces you can also use tweezers:

Now the fun part! Fill your chocolate bowl with any flavor of ice cream, top with brownies, sprinkles, whipped cream, hot fudge, cherries or anything else you and your love desires. Mine was a simple cookies and cream with brownies:


 Here are some interesting combos if you need some ideas:

1. Strawberry Shortcake: White chocolate bowl dipped in dried strawberries, strawberry ice cream and pound cake

2. Mint & Chip: Mint chocolate bowl with peppermint ice cream and crushed oreos

3. S'mores: Chocolate bowl dipped in graham crackers, vanilla ice cream, marshamallow topping

4. Caramel Sea Salt: Chocolate bowl, vanilla ice cream, caramel topping with sea salt sprinkles. Add some fresh espresso grounds for depth

Have fun with it! :) 


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