5 Tips to Make Your Valentine's Day Flowers Last Longer
  • 5 Tips to Make Your Valentine's Day Flowers Last Longer
  • Jess C
5 Tips to Make Your Valentine's Day Flowers Last Longer

Valentine’s Day is near! Near as in… TOMORROW! Hope you’re receiving and gifting fabulous bouquets :) Just because romance typically dies down after Valentine’s Day (sad) does not mean your flowers should! Here are 5 easy tips to help your flowers last longer and look more beautiful, without breaking the bank:

  1. Flowers need sustenance: If you don’t have any more “flower food” (those packets of nutrients that usually come with bouquets) and don’t want to buy any, then you can make your own! All you need are 2 cups of Sprite + ½ tsp of bleach + 2 cups of warm water. Feed and change concoction every few days.
  1. Style your flowers: Don’t you hate it when the buds lose shape before the blooms even start to wilt?! Well, your hairspray can fix that problem! Give them a light spritz to preserve your Valentine’s bouquet.
  1. Flowers have enemies: I know your flowers look amazing on your table/ counter, but do avoid placing them near ripening fruits or vegetables, especially bananas and apples. These delicious little guys produce an invisible gas called ethylene that makes flowers wilt faster.
  1. Flowers need a drink too: Bacteria in vases do not just go away after a quick rinse, and they can kill your new batch of flowers. Other than washing your vase thoroughly with dish soap (something no one really does, right?!), you can add this concoction to your vase. Add one teaspoon of vodka to the vase water along with 1 teaspoon of sugar. Sugar provides nourishment and vodka kills the bacteria.
  1. No vodka? Spare a penny: The copper in pennies acts as an acidifier with antibacterial properties. Place a penny and 1 teaspoon of sugar in the vase water for longer-lasting flowers.

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