Do You Need Wedding Videography? 3 Things to Consider
  • Do you need videography? 3 Things to Consider
Do you need videography? 3 Things to Consider

No, you don’t NEED videography. 

But, really, how many of us out there really NEED a wedding? Or the dress that breaks the budget a bit but makes us look just a teensy bit more beautiful? (You're already beautiful ;) ) We are firm believers that your loved ones and your future life partner are really all that matter for that day! Everything else is just icing on the proverbial cake.

That said, we grappled with the idea of investing in this extra expense. Who were we to spend more money on a luxury on TOP of how much we were already spending on photography? Well, here’s some advice after talking to a few videographers:

  1. Pros & Cons: Make a list of pros and cons and then make another list of pros and cons, and then another. In the end, if you’re finding that the list doesn’t matter because one “pro” greatly outweighed all the cons, then take that into consideration—the idea of capturing the bits and pieces of special moments that photography sometimes can’t may matter quite a bit to some (yours truly included).
  2. Budget: So as not to be wasteful and frivolous, revisit the budget and place videography somewhere on your priority list (higher priority = higher budget)—in other words, don’t just tack it onto what you’re spending already. Even if you can afford it, this is a good exercise to help you stay grounded and reevaluate what you and your fiancé most value. Luckily, if videography ends up higher than other items, you can consider DIYing a few items that can save you some money on decor.
  3. Look for a Story: Now, if you’re at a point when you know that you want those memories to be caught in motion, really start looking at video samples for someone who can do that. We’d say this (maybe it’s too biased): don’t be too dazzled by fancy effects and camera tricks! Rather, look for videography that tells the story of the bride and groom and their big day. Unless your wedding is a total music video (kudos to you if it will be!) fancy lights and editing will make you look cool, but might just miss the sweet little moment you had with your flower girl or that moment even you missed of your great-grandma wiping away a tear. Plus, you have still photographs to make you guys look as amazing as you are, so make sure the money you spend on videography serves a different purpose. 

Hope this helps--let us know your thoughts on this! 


It's raining in Los Angeles (CRAZY)! If you're stuck with bad weather, entertain yourself with these wedding videos that will convince you that videography is a necessity. Enjoy :) 


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