Sweet Setup (Part 1): Have Your Cake…
  • Sweet Setup (Part 1): Have Your Cake…
Sweet Setup (Part 1): Have Your Cake…

I'm sure you all know the different ways you can save money on your wedding--decor, dress, and flowers, just to name a few! But one major money-saver that most overlook is...CAKE! Cake for weddings, like most things wedding-related, will often run you several dollars per slice, which adds up as your guest count rises. It’s hard for us to quote an average price for cake because it depends on so many factors, including headcount, how elaborate the details are, the type of cake, and whether you have to pay that annoying cake cutting fee! 

If you’re definitely set on having a traditional wedding cake, here are some things to consider:

  • Buttercreams vs. Fondants
To save some $$$, you can choose buttercream cakes over fondant cakes. Fondant cakes are popular because they can have very elaborate detailing and decorations, BUT the material takes hard work to roll out, which means more $$$ for you to spend.
One of our favorite things to do is a tried and true idea: get a simple white buttercream cake with NO decoration and add on your own fresh FLOWERS (separate DIY coming!). It’s cheaper, and if you use the same flowers from your bouquets and arrangements, it provides a nice cohesive look :)
  • Mini Cakes for Cutting
Consider getting a small cake for cutting and pictures but serve a less expensive sheet cake for the rest of your guests. It’s the SAME cake in terms of taste, but just made in flat pans so there’s less labor involved, and cheaper for you!
  • Cupcakes(!?)
These have become super popular over the past couple of years, but be forewarned: they can only save you money for weddings of smaller sizes—after a certain point, it becomes more expensive than traditional cake. Do the math before you commit! 


And whether you choose to have a conventional cake or not, watch out for our next “Sweet Setup” blog post, which will focus on different ways of setting up a dessert table! Here’s a sneak peak from one of the our team member's wedding dessert table project :)  

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