Sweet Setup (Part 2): Custom Dessert Station
  • Sweet Setup (Part 2): Custom Dessert Station
Sweet Setup (Part 2): Custom Dessert Station

DIY Dessert stations are popular for good reason—they’re customized to each couple’s tastes and look great for pictures! However, it’s pretty easy to go overboard and end up spending just as much or more on a dessert table as you would on a traditional cake. Our second blog of this short series goes over a few sweet dessert table tips (pun intended)! 


  • Don’t over-order!: Treat your portions like a potluck. For example, if 10 people are going to a potluck, they don’t each bring enough food for 10—they bring enough for maybe 3. The idea is that the more options there are, the more variety each guest will consume. Usually estimating that each guest will consume between 3 and 5 pieces of the different desserts on the table is a good guideline to follow. Just do the math for your own wedding and estimate lower if you think your guests will eat less (e.g., if it accompanies a very large meal) and estimate higher if, say, guests may be on the hungrier side and eat more sweets. Based off of what you estimate per person (let’s say you think each person will eat 5 pieces of different desserts each), take that number and add "2" or "3" to get a range for the TOTAL KINDS of desserts or options to have on the table. 
  • Keep items bite size: Again, people will take a sampling. Make your dollars stretch and ask for servings to be on the petite side! Also consider whether your dessert table items need to be cut or handled as your venue’s insurance policies may not be able to allow you to bring in knives or cutting utensils. That sounds a lot more intimidating than it really is—simply ask your venue whether you can have guests cut things themselves.
  • Create filler: This is something floral designers do to make their bouquets fuller while adding color and visual interest without breaking the bank: smart use of fillers! In the land of dessert tables, have a few containers of less costly, but beautiful items such as candies in your wedding colors or jars of your fave small store-bought cookies. No, they won’t be the stars of the table, but they’ll give guests options while adding color and texture to your tablescape design.
  • Something(s) borrowed...: It might be nice to have that beautiful antique platter you’ve been eyeing, but chances are one of your friends who just got married will have something comparable for free. Ask around and try to furnish your table with coordinating borrowed items instead of purchasing everything on your own!

Got any tips to add? We'd love to hear  them, so just leave us a message in the comments below! Cheers =)

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