2014 Floral Design Trends
  • 2014 Floral Design Trends
2014 Floral Design Trends

For 2014 there are some exciting new trends in floral design. For decorating purposes for events such as weddings and other special occasions the new trend is to choose from flowers that are both local and in season. While in the recent past pastel flowers were being chosen over other colors, florists provided decorations for an event are choosing flowers with bolder colors. Plum flowers are becoming popular for many brides and other party planners this year.

Many people are choosing tropical colors when decorating for some type of events. Two of the most popular tropical colors in 2013 were orange coral. Since these colors are seen as warm and inviting they are appropriate for most types of events. When it comes to flower arrangements in 2014 orchids, gardenias and garden roses are being chosen frequently. Flower arrangements are becoming more sophisticated as people are beginning to include seeded eucalyptus, berries and other similar products. This gives them a new feel that wasn’t seen much in the past. Weaving these things into a floral arrangement helps add texture to any flower arrangement. Regardless of the theme of any given event there are some items that can be added to support that theme. For example, sea glass and shells can be added to a floral arrangement for any type of beached theme party.

Modern floral arrangements call for bouquets and décor to look more structured than they have been in the past. To convey a feeling of romance a soft structure of flowers is being used to take old fashioned floral design trends and update their look. People are beginning to decorate for events using many small flower clusters rather than only a few large ones. Large floral arrangements in 2014 include larger flowers as using too many small flowers to make a large floral arrangement makes it look sloppy and like it was thrown together quickly with no thought put into it.

Flower arrangements are now being created according to the size of the venue they will be used in. For example, a Victorian style venue means a concrete container is not the best choice to hold the flowers in. When it comes to choosing the actual flowers to use in something such as a table centerpiece people are moving away from using flowers that are strongly scented in favor of flowers with a lighter scent. Since so many people are allergic to both pollen and scented flowers it has become safer to choose subtly scented flowers.

While it used to be that flowers were only displayed in vases in 2014 people are choosing other alternatives such as mason jars. This allows people to personalize their designs even more. Traditional vases are out as people are choosing to be more creative in their floral designs.

These are only some of the trends in floral design for 2014. It remains to be seen whether these trends will continue in years to come or whether they will change. 

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