Matching Complimentary Colors In DIY Decorating
  • Matching Complimentary Colors In DIY Decorating
Matching Complimentary Colors In DIY Decorating

Whether you are decorating for a party or just choosing new décor for your home it is important to match colors up correctly. Certain colors will clash when used together and this should be avoided in most cases. Matching complimentary colors does not have to be a difficult task.

If you are decorating for a party you will want to choose two or three colors that will complement each other. One good way to match colors up is to test out certain colors in the room the party will take place so you can see what will look the best. The colors you choose should depend on the type of party you are throwing as well as how much light will be in the room during the party. The size of the room you are having the party in will make a difference also. For small party rooms or a small room in your home it is best to stick with light colors as dark colors will make the room look smaller and less inviting. If you are determined to have a darker color as part of your decorating scheme it is best to pair a dark color with a neutral color. This will give the room a dramatic feel and make it more visually interesting. Neutral colors will make any small room look a little bit bigger, so if that is your goal, choose your colors carefully.

To decorate for winter holidays you will want to use red and green. However you would be smart to stick to dark red choices, like brick red or something similar. The darker reds are easier to match with the other colors you choose to use. Dark red shades have a little bit of both orange and violet, so these colors pair well with any dark red décor you may choose to use. When pairing up red and green make sure to use a muted green. Using a bold green shade with a dark red shade may create an effect that is unflattering to the human eye. When decorating with red you should avoid trying to pair it with yellows and blues as it may have the same effect as combining dark red and bold green.

When you are decorating for the summer or summer themed party be careful how you incorporate yellow décor. Since yellow is naturally such a bright color it will be easier on the eyes if you use a pale shade of yellow. If you would prefer, you can pair pastel yellow with muted shades of orange and/or green.

Yellow can easily be paired with violet if you plan to use one color or the other as an accent color only. This will leave you with an eye catching style that can make any party or room in your home feel more exciting.

Pairing up complimentary colors is easy to do with a little planning and knowledge of desirable color combinations. 

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