DIY Tips And Tricks For Themed Parties
  • DIY Tips And Tricks For Themed Parties
DIY Tips And Tricks For Themed Parties

If you are throwing a party with a specific theme, such as St. Patrick’s Day or an Oscar viewing party it is easy to make your own party favors, treats, etc. Sending your guests home with goody bags from a St. Patrick’s Day party doesn’t have to involve any more than printing out Happy St. Patrick’s Day labels that you design yourself and attach to the goody bags. You can fill these bags with Rollos or other candies covered in gold or green tin foil.

For an Oscar viewing party you can get very creative with many aspects of it. With some cardboard or poster board and markers or paint you can create place card signs similar to what you would find at a wedding reception. Most people use gold paint or markers to signify the color of the statues being handed out to the show’s winners. Phrases and sayings commonly heard during an awards show are the perfect thing to put on your DIY place cards. You can even design and print out your own ballot cards. Hand them out at the beginning of the party so each guest can predict the winners in each category. For a truly interactive party experience you can even design little prizes for those guests who correctly guess the winner of a category.

Everybody loves Mickey Mouse so if you are throwing a party with that theme you have lots of DIY options for party décor. One thing that you can easily create for this type of party is Rice Krispy Treats in the shape of Mickey’s head. You can even dip the ears in melted chocolate for a more realistic look. If you have cookie or sandwich cutters in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head preparing the food for the party will be a breeze. You can even make cupcakes and stick two mini Oreos or other similar chocolate flavored cookies on top to look like Mickey Mouse’s ears.

If you are throwing a summer time party and you want to use a flower theme you can easily make party décor for that too. Beautiful looking fake flowers can easily be made by dying coffee filters and shaping them into a rose or other type of flower. For a creative table decoration you can take a vase and fill it with dollar bills shaped to look like a bouquet. This makes a great gift for any recipient as well.

No matter what type of party you are throwing chances are you will need tableware. To make it more creative you can purchase plain white tableware and decorate to match whatever the theme of the party is. Geometric shapes are an easy and fun way to give your tableware a unique look. This can be done by buying or creating a stamp you can easily use with craft paint or ink.

Themed parties can be fun to throw and half the fun is doing it yourself. 

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