Do It Yourself Party Decoration Tips
  • Do It Yourself Party Decoration Tips
Do It Yourself Party Decoration Tips


Decorating for any type of party does not have to become expensive. There are fun and easy ways to create decorations that will put your unique style into your party. The time of year when you are throwing your party can make it easier to help you choose the right colors for your decorations. A summertime party calls for bright colors while a wintertime party calls for more muted colors. For spring, pastels are a great choice if you aren’t turned off by them. An autumn party calls for seasonal colors such as green, orange and brown.

One easy way to decorate a room for a party is to create colored pompoms. These can also be used for outdoor parties as they can be put in trees on the site of the party. Set aside a decent amount of time to create pompoms, because it can be time consuming. You will want to purchase tissue paper in your chosen party colors. The tissue paper can then be folded around floral wire. Then all you need to do is trim the end of the wire to finish creating your pompoms. If you are decorating for an outdoor party and you want the pompoms to resemble flower arrangements. You can do this by separating the layers of tissue paper you use and arrange them to look like a bouquet of flowers.

For an outdoor party that will run after sunset you can add an extra kick to the party by inserting glow sticks into colored balloons. An easy way to blow up the balloons at home without taking your own breath away is to pour baking soda and vinegar into each balloon. Doing so will cause them to inflate.  If this is a little too much for you there are other ways to jazz up balloons for your party. You can decorate your balloons with acrylic paint. Whether you do this before or after you blow the balloons up is entirely up to you. It will have different effects if you paint your balloons before blowing them up as opposed to after.

A great way to combine decorations with cold drinks for your party is to purchase a party bowl and some fish shaped ice cube trays. You can put any kind of juice in the bowl but if you pour a blue colored juice into it you will have created what looks like a fish bowl. This can be great for a party for kids, adults or both.

Another creative way to serve drinks at a party and still contribute to the décor is to create a watermelon keg. You can put any liquid in it, so it can be used for a child’s party as well. All you have to do is poke a hole, insert a liquid and attach a dispenser.

Following these tips will enhance your party decorations, help you save money and give your creativity a whirl. 

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