Preserving The Life Of Your Flowers
  • Preserving The Life Of Your Flowers
Preserving The Life Of Your Flowers

You want your floral arrangements to remain beautiful for as long as possible. There are some things that you can do to extend the life of your flowers. If you are keeping your flowers in a vase make sure that you put flower food in the water. You can get flower food from any florist or nursery. Flower food will only prolong the life of your flowers is you give them the proper amount. If you are using floral foam make sure the foam is soaked with water that has the flower food mixed in.

The ingredients in food flower are what help your flowers last longer. They are a flower friendly version of sugar, citric acid or something similar to cut down on the pH level in the flower food and a biocide that works to eliminate bacteria found in the food. A lot of the flower foods on the market today also have an agent in them that helps your flowers last longer in the water you fill the vase with.

Another effective way to help your flowers last longer is to keep them at cool temperatures, because most flowers do the best in cool weather. 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 72 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature to keep most flowers at. You should also avoid placing your flowers any place where they will get hit directly by sunlight. Some flowers thrive under fluorescent lighting, remaining healthy and retaining the flower’s color for longer. They should also be placed away from vents and even TVs in your home. Many people don’t realize that TVs give off heat that can dehydrate and wilt your flowers. Too much hot air is as damaging to flowers as too much cold air is.

If you have boxed flowers that you want to make last as long as possible. When you first bring them home store them in a cool part of your house if you will not be providing them with flower food right away. As you get ready to put them in a vase you will want to thoroughly wash the vase with some type of cleaning solution that fights off bacteria and then fill the vase with water and flower food. Any leaves on your flowers that would be exposed to the water when placed in a vase should be trimmed off first. Failure to do so makes it likely that bacteria will grow in the water and this will result in your flowers not absorbing all the water they need.

When you plant your flowers in a garden or pot make sure the soil stays moist. Watering your flowers too little is as bad as watering them too much. Either way they won’t last for as long as you would like them to.

Making your flowers last is not hard to do if you know what you are doing. Proper care should always be taken with flowers. 

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