Everything You Need to Know About Roses
  • Everything You Need to Know About Roses
Everything You Need to Know About Roses

Having knowledge of some of the most common flowers is valuable to anyone. One of the flowers that people cherish the most is the rose. It is a symbol of love and romance all over the world. There are many types of roses but the oldest type is “species” roses which have been in existence for 35 million years. They are also referred to as “nature’s roses” because all other varieties of roses come from this one.

Dating back to 14th century literature has been the Apothecary Rose. This type of rose earned its name for its use in medicine during medieval times. Among the Romans the most popular type of rose has been the Autumn Damask rose.

There are both old garden roses and modern roses in existence. Starting in 1800 roses were sent from China to Europe and combined with European roses to create the original red rose that has become such a symbol of love and romance. China tea roses introduced the world to the traditionally shaped rose that we know today. Modern roses are actually a combination of plants such as shrubs and grandifloras. 1867 is the first year in which the modern rose was introduced to the world. At that time it was referred to as “La France.”

Knowledge of roses must include knowledge of the garden, spray and standard roses and understanding the differences between them. Garden roses are mainly considered to be hybrids. They are the most widely grown type of roses. The majority of garden roses are grown so that the flowers can be used in bouquets and various types of décor. The rest of them are grown to be used as hedging and ground cover in public places.

Though Spray roses are most often thought of as simply being miniature roses there are more to them than that. The truth is that these roses are often used in flower arrangements in order to make larger arrangements more affordable. Centerpieces and bouquets often benefit from using spray roses to fill them out.

A standard rose is the term used for any rose growing on only one stem. These roses become rather tall when growing a garden. Since the stem of a standard rose can grow up to three feet tall it is important for the survival of the flowers that the stem can handle the weight of them. Often they need to be supported by something. However, most people tend to want to support them with a wooden stake. This is a bad idea because the wood can become rotted and cause the stem to crack. A better option for supporting standard roses is to use a support cane. A plastic stake inserted into the ground is the best way to support standard roses. Plastic stakes are likely to last for as long as the roses do.

This knowledge of roses can help you better learn how to choose the right type for your needs.
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