Hosting A Flower Themed Bridal Shower
  • Hosting A Flower Themed Bridal Shower
Hosting A Flower Themed Bridal Shower

Hosting a flower themed bridal shower gives you tons of possibilities when it comes to planning. You can incorporate the theme into almost every aspect of the shower. Since most weddings involve flowers anyway this is the perfect way to get the most use out of the chosen flower types.

Depending on how you are sending out the invitations for the bridal shower you can even incorporate flowers into this aspect. If you are willing and able to hand deliver the invitations to guests you can create a small bouquet for each invitation. Simply attach the invitation to the bouquet and you have a unique invitation that its recipients will always remember. To get even more creative you can send out small packages of seeds that each recipient will then be able to plant in their yard. These packages can be included in your invitations.

For affordable centerpieces for the bridal shower you can use paper flowers in lieu of real ones. They are easy to make using printed card stock and they can even be placed in vases to be displayed at the shower. You can use both solid colored paper stock and patterned paper stock to give the centerpieces more depth. Once you have cut the flowers out you can attach them to stems with florist’s wire. The final touch is to wrap a ribbon around each flower arrangement and place them in vases accordingly. You can even sprinkle flowers such as rose petals on the tables to further incorporate the flower theme into the shower.

If you are so inclined you can even bake cookies in the shape of flowers. You can design them to look like almost any type of flower using the appropriate food coloring. Silk flowers can be used to decorate sweets such as cakes and cupcakes.

To send the bridal shower guests home with a flower themed party favor you can purchase small favor boxes and decorate them with real or fake flowers. Using ribbons you can tie the flowers to the lid of the box. Another idea for party favors is to create honey pot favors. Take a plain white container and decorate it the same way as the favor boxes. Include a planted flower in each container and guests can replant it in their home garden.

For a party favor fit for a bridal shower you can design a corsage for each guest. The first step is to choose the type of flower you want to use in the corsages and gather together enough flowers to make them. Along with floral tape and wire, scissors and ribbon you can create the perfect party favor.

These are just a few of the ways you can incorporate a flower theme into any bridal shower. There are countless other options you could choose to add to the theme of the gathering. Flowers are always a great choice when celebrating an upcoming wedding in a fun and creative way.
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