Little Known Facts About Orchids
  • Little Known Facts About Orchids
Little Known Facts About Orchids

Orchids are a popular flower for weddings and other occasions. However there are some facts about them that not everyone knows. Horticulturists tend to love Orchids and many consider them their favorite of all plants. They are grown all over the world and are unique compared to most other flowers.

Over 25,000 different species of Orchids can be found throughout the world. It is believed that the highest concentration of Orchids is in parts of the world considered tropical. One of the reasons horticulturists love Orchids so much is that they can hybridize them in an effort to create additional species of the flower that nature could never create.

The reason so many people prefer Orchids to other flowers is that Orchids most closely resemble symmetry that reminds people of their own faces. Just as people’s faces represent bilateral symmetry so do Orchids. This means that if one were to draw a line down the middle of any Orchid both sides would be each other’s mirror images.

Unlike other types of flowers Orchids get insects to pollinate the flowers. The reason for this is because of the shape and color the Orchids reproductive parts are. They attract insects due to their shape and color. Upon any insect showing an interest in an Orchid the insect ends up covered in pollen. The insect will then fly away from the Orchid in an attempt to find itself a mate.

Orchids have a history that other flowers do not. In 2007 Nature Journal reported the results of a study that stated a bee had been discovered that had pollen on its back that came directly from an ancient Orchid. The Orchid was determined to date anywhere from 10 to 15 million years. Scientists have reason to believe that Orchids were actually around over 15 million years ago. There has been research conducted that shows certain Orchid species existed as long as approximately 120 million years ago. This, of course, was long before the world was split into the continents that now make up the entire world. There are two Orchid species that grown thousands of miles away from each other. It is believed that these specific species of Orchids are related very closely. The working theory held by scientists is that these two species grew had an ancestor in common until the drifting of continents separated them.  

Flat leafed Orchids are also known as Vanilla Orchids. This is among the most widespread Orchid types. Latin horticulturists routinely cultivate this type of Orchid due to its charms and flavorful quality. Of all the orchid crop types, Vanilla Orchids are the sole species to be grown commercially.

It takes a lot of patience to grow Orchids in one’s yard as, upon planting them, it takes anywhere from five to seven years for germination to take place.

These interesting facts contribute to the fascination that people all over the world have about Orchids. They are widely loved and used by many. 

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