Preserving Your Wedding Flowers
  • Preserving Your Wedding Flowers
Preserving Your Wedding Flowers

With the hectic pace at which most weddings progress you may not be thinking about how to preserve your flowers after the wedding. However, this is a very important thing that most brides find themselves wanting to do after their wedding. Here are some tips on preserving your wedding flowers.

One method that you can use to preserve your wedding flowers that you may not even realize is an option is microwaving them. It is important that this is done very carefully. You will need to take a small number of thin flowers and lay them between two pieces of paper towel. After heating the flowers for a minute or two you need to give them time to cool off. You may have to repeat this several times until the flowers have become completely dry. Another method you can use to preserve your wedding flowers is to apply silica gel to them. The gel works to remove the moisture from your flowers, which will allow you to preserve them. It should be put on the heads of the flowers, which should then be laid between two pieces of paper towels again and put in the microwave for anywhere from one to three minutes. After you remove them from the microwave they will take roughly a half an hour to cool off. After this has happened you can remove any gel that remains on the flowers by gently brushing it off.

If you would rather not put your wedding flowers in the microwave you also have the option to take an empty egg carton and pour a small amount of silica gel into each cup. You can then place one flower in each cup and apply more silica. The silica should not be applied directly to the petals but should surround them. You will need to apply an inch or two of silica on the top of each flower you want to preserve. Using this method it takes anywhere from three to seven days for the drying process to be completed.

An easier way to preserve your wedding flowers is to take all the leaves off the bottom of each stem. You will then want to bundle together your flowers in however many bunches you need to make to accommodate them all. When bundling them together the flowers should not be touching each other. The next step in this process is to hang them upside down. This must be done in a room that is dark and dry; a closet is often an ideal choice.

To be able to display your wedding flowers after preserving them your best option is to use the standard flower pressing technique. You can them frame the flowers so you can look at them every day.

Since preserving your wedding flowers is so important, you will want to choose one of these methods in order to get the job done. Preserving your wedding flowers is a great way to remember your big day. 

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