3 Simple Steps to make Air Plant/Succulent Favors
  • 3 Simple Steps to make Air Plant/Succulent Favors
3 Simple Steps to make Air Plant/Succulent Favors

Want a unique approach to party favors that your guests will love?  These air plant / succulent planters are a great way for your guests to take home a piece of your wedding, and they DOUBLE as table decor!  What a great way to save money!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Vessel of your choice (shown here are small and medium sized ricotta pots. You may even use a simple shot glass)
  • Air plant or Succulent plant of your choice
  • Spray paint (shown here are Design Master’s Colortool Spray – Flat Black & Brilliant Gold)
  • Green Moss
  • Extra soil - available at any hardware store or backyard :)

 Succulent Favor Ingredients + Spray Paint

Air Plant Favor Ingredients

Step 1:

Spray paint your vessel(s) or pot(s) to the color of choice. Let them sit for 1-2hr to dry. For best results, let them dry overnight.  I sprayed these outside over newspaper - best to do this in a well ventilated area so the paint fumes don't linger.  Shown below are small and medium sized ricotta pots, sprayed painted to the colors of Flat Black and Brilliant Gold.


Step 2:

Transfer your succulent plants into vessel or pot. Use the extra soil to fill the pot and make sure the plant is tightly sitting inside the vessel or pot.

Air Plants don't need soil, so you can't just place it inside the pot.

Step 3:

For the succulents, use the green moss to cover the top soil, and as a decorative piece to hide the soil. The moss will give the piece a clean and fuller look. 

For the Air Plants, adding the green moss is optional; the piece looks great with or without the moss. If you decide to use the moss, there are various colors you can choose from. My personal favorite is the brown moss with the gold pot.


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