DIY Orchid Centerpiece
  • DIY Orchid Centerpiece
DIY Orchid Centerpiece
Today, we're featuring on to make an elegant orchid centerpiece.  This piece is so versatile.  Not only can it be used as a centerpiece, but I personally love it at the bar or reception table.  It just immediately creates a sense of class and style to any setting.  Another great thing about these is that they last forever!  Literally weeks!  I personally love these on display at home because they last so long.
Here's what you'll need:
  • Vessel of your choice (shown here are spray painted gold, large sized ricotta pot) 
  • Orchid plant (Color and variety of your choice)
  • Wood chips
  • Moss (Shown here is Spanish moss)
Step 1: 
Spray paint your vessel(s) or pot(s) to the color of choice.
I sprayed these in a well ventilated area so the paint fumes don't linger. 
 Start with the pots facing down on the paper.
Using sweeping motion from left to right to spray.
Let them sit for 1-2hr to dry. For best results, let them dry overnight. 
Optional: Once the outside is dried, turn the vessel over and spray the inside using the same sweeping motion.
Step 2:

Fill the vessel or pot with a hand full of wood chips (1/4 of the way) to elevate the orchid plant. 


Step 3:

With one hand holding the orchid plant straight up, use the other hand to fill the surrounding of the plant's plastic pot with wood chips. This step will help to tightly secure the orchid plant inside the vessel or pot. 

Step 4:

Add the moss to hide the unattractive, exposing roots of the orchid plant.

Why add moss?

  • Gives a clean appearance by hiding the soil
  • Dresses up leggy plants and makes the container look “finished"
  • Retains moisture so you will not need to water your plants as often
  • Prevents weeds from germinating in the pot
  • Keeps soil from splashing out when watering plants


Step 5:

Spray the roots of the orchid plant with water and she's ready to be displayed!

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