5 Ways Wedding Flowers Can Enhance Your White and Blue Color Theme
  • 5 Ways Wedding Flowers Can Enhance Your White and Blue Color Theme
  • Ann Niou
5 Ways Wedding Flowers Can Enhance Your White and Blue Color Theme

When it comes to your wedding, the colors you choose play an important role. One of the fastest growing color amalgamations for weddings is the trending unification of blue and white. While white implies purity and innocence, blue nods at decadence and luxury. Together, they convey an entire message, and affordable online wedding flowers are the best way to tie these colors together.

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Shades of Blue Speak Individual Languages

You may have a few shades of blue narrowed down in your list of color considerations, but did you know the shade has significant meaning? The language of color is something the Victorians used to convey sentiment to one another, and even in today’s agile marketing environment, the shade of blue in psychological marketing matters. For example, dark blue embodies intelligence, authority and trust while bright blue represents strength, cleanness and dependability. Light blue or Tiffany Blue conveys peace, infinity, and spirituality, as well as an ethereal energy associated with the sky. Once you find your shade of blue that best represents your special union, knowing how to make your blue and white theme shine through flowers is key to pulling off the perfect wedding. Here are some ways you can make this happen through Bloominous wedding flowers.

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Wedding Centerpieces

Of all the aspects of your wedding, centerpieces are considered to be some of the most important. When planning your wedding centerpieces, think about how flowers and other items can amp up and magnify your colors. For example, having white roses with small blue accent flowers arranged around antique blue bottles of water can add a touch of style and elegance to your tables. In addition, you can also use Tiffany boxes containing various table gifts as a way to enhance your decorating even more. And finally, if you decide to use small individual flower bouquets, using modern or antique blue and white ceramic tiles as bases can really give a rustic wedding theme that wow factor.

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Bloominous DIY Wedding Flowers

If you choose to purchase your flowers from a traditional florist, chances are you'll be paying at least 50 percent more than what you would invest with Bloominous DIY wedding flowers. The best part is you get farm-fresh flowers sourced from growers located all over the world, on the day of your choice, with the option to use your savvy style and give them your own personal touch.  If you're using a blue and white color theme for your wedding, bouquets with white roses and blue delphiniums always look fantastic. And along with the bouquets, flower arrangements of blue hydrangeas and white carnations sitting by the altar, as well as along the aisles can bring this color combo together in ways you never thought possible. So if you're into saving money while still getting beautiful flowers for your wedding, purchasing online DIY wedding can help you create stunning colors, all within budget without sacrificing on quality!

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Blue and White Wedding Flowers Accenting the Cake

Whether you've got a three-tier cake, a six-tier cake, or one that's even a bit bigger, you can use blue and white flowers in ways that will make your wedding cake absolutely stunning. While some people prefer to have flowers from top to bottom on their cake, others like to simply have a flower here or there to provide a special touch. As with other parts of the wedding, white roses are always popular to use with cakes. To make sure you've got the perfect cake on your big day, plan on having a cake covered with buttercream and then filled with fresh blueberry and white-chocolate buttercream. What about edible flowers? You can get edible blue flowers, brush them with a thin layer of egg white, add confectioners sugar, and let them sit overnight on a tray lined with wax paper. Your wedding guests will likely view your edible flowers as a fun and exciting way to enjoy the cake, and the colors will help make your theme pop.

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Bridesmaids Gifts, Potpourri-Filled Tins

If you are creating custom gift baskets for your bridesmaids, consider adding a tin filled with the same kind of blue and white flowers from your wedding turned into potpourri. Not only will this gift highlight your color theme, it will also be an item your bridesmaids will cherish for life. If you really want to stay true to your decorating theme, consider having a tin shaped like a miniature flower pot, and have the potpourri smelling like roses or hydrangeas. By adding this special touch, you're sure to have potpourri that will keep everyone talking.

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Blue Seating Cards with Pressed Flowers

If you want to make sure all your guests are seated properly, you can use beautiful blue seating cards with pressed flowers decoupage into the design. By choosing envelopes in various hues and mixing and matching ink and ribbon colors with the pressed flowers, you're sure to have seating cards that will look great and get noticed in a hurry. And to add a special touch to the cards, try adding some azure miniature irises setting beside the cards on each table. By adding this little touch, your cards will be just a bit more special and so will your blue and white theme.

Since you want each and every part of your special day to be perfect, it's important to put as much thought as possible into the color theme through the use of wedding flowers. By choosing to use a blue and white color theme, you'll open yourself up to a world of beautiful possibilities. Whether it's bouquets, a cake, or potpourri, a blue and white color theme will bring class and elegance.
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