10 Creative Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids to Be in Your Wedding

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You've made it official with your other half, now it's time to make it official with your bridesmaids! This an occasion that truly deserves more than just a simple text. Your family and friends have been there through thick and thin, and we think it's important to show them how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate their willingness to help with your special day. So whether it be gifting them with a memorable piece of jewelry or popping a custom bottle of bubbly, we've gathered our favorite ways to ask your gals to be your maids!

Ask in Style With a Stunning Wedding Day Gift

Lindsay Reinsmith of Ada Diamonds said to pop the question to your bridesmaids-to-be in style with sustainable and sophisticated lab diamond jewelry.

Pop Bubbly

Second only in importance to the marriage proposal is the bridesmaid proposal. What better way to "pop the question" than with a bottle of Champagne, said Marc Stitzlein of Artificer Wood Works. Make it even more personal by adding a custom wine box.

Gift a Memorable Piece

With zodiac being all the rage right now, we love the thought of incorporating that in asking your girls to be a part of your special day. Include a sweet note like, "The stars and the moon have aligned, now I need you by my side!" suggested Laurie Calkins of Bare and Me.

Send Your Tribe on a Digital Scavenger Hunt

Typically, not all bridesmaids live in the same place. But you can still plan a cohesive proposal for your girls that's mysterious and fun, said Lesley Smith of Ceremony app. Why not send them all mini spa services? Start by downloading and sending invites (via text, social, etc.) to a wedding app like Ceremony. Include a pic of a Champagne glass and a robe or a candle and some lavender and ask them to check their email accounts for a special treat. That's a great way to get pre-wedding excitement going, and you could even use the private photo feed to share ideas for dresses and bachelorette parties.

Custom Hangers For the Big Day

Get your girls excited for the wedding by including a custom made hanger like these from Delovely Details in their bridesmaids box.

A Gift That Gives Back

Help your bridesmaids relax in the wedding planning process with a candle and apothecary matchsticks. It's even better when it comes in the cutest packaging, like this one from Makers and Goods.

Create a Custom Embroidered Hankie

Your bestie may shed a few happy tears when you ask her to be your maid of honor, so think about popping the big question on an embroidered handkerchief. She can also carry the handkerchief on your wedding day and tuck it away as a keepsake said Colleen Corcoran, owner and designer of The Handkerchief Shop.

Create a Floral Party

Have a flower-bouquet making party, and when everyone is finished, add a personal touch to the bouquets (like a charm with their initial) and ask your bridal party to be your bridesmaids, suggested Euri Wong, lead designer at Bloominous. They can include the charm on the day of the wedding to make it extra special. If your bridal party isn't all in the same area, create a story through pictures, hashtag it with your personalized hashtag, and have your friends follow along on your "proposal."

Make a Bridesmaid Box

There are a ton of cute and unique ways to make boxes to ask your friends to be your bridesmaids. Make it personal by adding all of their favorite edible (and drinkable) treats, said photographer Valorie Darling.

Go Down Memory Lane

Erica Trombetti of Infinite Events said to think about all the memories over the years for each one of your bridesmaids, and curate a fabulous box full of all those memories leading up to where you both are now. Then let her know you want to add more memories into the box and you couldn't go through this next stage of your life without her!