12 Classically Creative Star Wars Wedding Ideas
  • 12 Classically Creative Star Wars Wedding Ideas
  • Ann Niou
12 Classically Creative Star Wars Wedding Ideas

From its debut in 1977 to today's current movies, the Star Wars franchise has impacted people around the world. Whether it's decorating one's home with Star Wars curtains modeled after Boba Fett’s uniform, or laying a Wampa rug down in your living room much to a wife’s protest, it's abundantly clear many people are determined to live a Star Wars way of life. This has become evident when it comes to planning a wedding, since more and more couples have, in recent years, decided to get very creative and have a Star Wars themed wedding. If you and your significant other are huge Star Wars fans and want to make sure the force is with you as you start your lives together, here are some of the best Star Wars wedding ideas for your consideration.

Choose the Right Flowers and Your Side of the Force

While choosing the right flowers can make any wedding more beautiful, they can be especially important if you choose to have a Star Wars wedding. If you want to have a perfect wedding and save money, use beautiful DIY wedding flowers to enhance your special day. Very affordable, you can design and arrange them yourself, letting you have any theme you like. For example, bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces can include white roses and smaller blue flowers such as baby's breath to reflect your affection for R2D2 and the Rebellion. Or if you prefer, your bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces can contain bright yellow or gold DIY flowers, allowing you to express your inner C3PO. Are you on the side of the Empire? Some red roses and black ribbons can reflect the Sith Lords.

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Do or Do Not, There is No Try: Decorating the Venue

No matter the venue you're using for your wedding, make sure it's big enough to accommodate your Star Wars plans. After all, if you plan to recreate the Death Star, the Hoth rebel base, or the forest floor of Endor, you'll want to have plenty of room. Make sure you measure the dimensions of your props and fit the figures into the venue’s floor plans and capacity.

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Meals and Beverages Fit for a Jedi

To keep your Jedi full during the wedding, consider having a Death Star-shaped wedding cake or cookies shaped like the Millennium Falcon, which will tempt anyone's taste buds. You can even go for a rustic Dagobah System Stew such as the one luke and Yoda shared. You can even hire a bartender to serve custom drinks named after characters from Star Wars such as a Gin and Ton-Ton Tonic, or a Stormtrooper Shot (you need two of them in order to hit the spot). You can really go all out and recreate the cantina on Tatooine where drinks and snacks are served to “a wretched hive of scum and villainy”.  

Remember May 4th

Since Star Wars fans realize the importance of May 4th (May the 4th be with you), so if your wedding is on this day be sure to incorporate it into as many details as possible. For example, if you want stunning menus, have them be bright yellow scrolling through a dark galaxy, making them very eye-catching and fun.

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Here Come the Storm Troopers (Minus TK421)

If you really want to go all-out, have your groomsmen dress up like storm troopers during the ceremony. Not only will your guests always remember your wedding, but you'll also have the coolest security force in the galaxy (even if they can’t handle a blaster).

Exit Under Lightsabers

Rather than having a humdrum exit after exchanging your vows, do so instead under a collection of lightsabers. Not only will it be memorable, but it's sure to be a great sendoff to your honeymoon destination.

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Customized Runners

To create a dramatic visual effect and peak people's interest, consider using a customized runner that leads up to the altar. Based on the opening of the movie, it's a stunning accessory that will have everyone talking long after the ceremony ends.

The Galactic Guest Book

Instead of having a guest book that looks just like those found at any other wedding, choose to have a customized print that features plenty of stars and a picture of the two of you dressed as your favorite Star Wars characters. And to top it off, have each guest sign a star, which will be a great way to remember who attended your special day.

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An R2D2 Sighting

To make sure your wedding has that true Star Wars feel, have R2D2 make a cameo appearance as the guests are arriving. And if you're lucky, you just might look around and see C3PO or even Chewbacca strolling around as well.

Props in the Photo Booth

To let your guests have some fun in the photo booth, have plenty of Star Wars props available for them to use in their pictures. Whether it's a Darth Vader helmet, a lightsaber, or a stormtrooper outfit, let your guests put their imaginations to good use in creating some special memories.

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Creative Ring Boxes

When it comes time to present the rings during your ceremony, have them inside very creative ring boxes that resemble R2D2. By pulling out these boxes and opening them up to show beautiful rings, you and your guests will get a good laugh.

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Memorable Photos

Thanks to modern technology and Photoshop, the newly-married couple can battle the Death Star, hold their lightsabers high, and pilot the Millennium Falcon while Han Solo takes a break. By using these photos as part of your wedding decor, guests will have plenty to talk about prior to the ceremony.

By using these classic and creative ideas in your Star Wars-themed wedding, there's no doubt your wedding will be anything but dull. With a visit from Chewbacca or even Darth Vader himself, it's certain you'll make this one wedding to remember.

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