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Bridal Bouquet Country Wild

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Bridal Bouquet Country Wild
Bridal Bouquet Country Wild
Country Charm

Bridal Bouquet Country Wild


This order is for one Bridal Bouquet.

Recipe: Sunflowers, montecasino, daisy mums, scabiosa pods, mini gerbers, veronica, wax flower and assorted greenery

Size: Arrangement measures approximately 12" tall with a diameter 8-10"

Accessories: Pins, Rubber Band, Crochet Lace Ribbon Bow


Service Option #1: Full-Service Setup

We will assemble and deliver this to your wedding. You will be assigned a wedding coordinator from our team who will handle the logistics for delivery. We can work with you or a person you designate (e.g., wedding planner, venue coordinator, bridesmaid, etc.) throughout this process.

Setup Notes: We will drop these off in your bridal room or at a place you designate on your wedding day. 

Service Option #2: Do-It-Yourself Kit

    Flowers: You will receive the right proportion of flowers that are cleaned, trimmed, and ready to go

    Accessories: Includes all ribbons, pins, rubber bands and instructions to create this bouquet

    Instructions: You will receive a recipe card and instructions on how to assemble the bouquet.

    Time to Assemble: 15min assembly time per piece. Your first one will take a little longer, the second will be much faster.