3 Simple Steps to make Air Plant/Succulent Favors

Want a unique approach to party favors that your guests will love?  These air plant / succulent planters are a great way for your guests to take home a piece of your wedding, and they DOUBLE as table decor!  What a great way to save money!

Here's what you'll need:

  • Vessel of your choice (shown here are small and medium sized ricotta pots. You may even use a simple shot glass)
  • Air plant or Succulent plant of your choice
  • Spray paint (shown here are Design Master’s Colortool Spray – Flat Black & Brilliant Gold)
  • Green Moss
  • Extra soil - available at any hardware store or backyard :)

 Succulent Favor Ingredients + Spray Paint

Air Plant Favor Ingredients

Step 1:

Spray paint your vessel(s) or pot(s) to the color of choice. Let them sit for 1-2hr to dry. For best results, let them dry overnight.  I sprayed these outside over newspaper - best to do this in a well ventilated area so the paint fumes don't linger.  Shown below are small and medium sized ricotta pots, sprayed painted to the colors of Flat Black and Brilliant Gold.


Step 2:

Transfer your succulent plants into vessel or pot. Use the extra soil to fill the pot and make sure the plant is tightly sitting inside the vessel or pot.

Air Plants don't need soil, so you can't just place it inside the pot.

Step 3:

For the succulents, use the green moss to cover the top soil, and as a decorative piece to hide the soil. The moss will give the piece a clean and fuller look. 

For the Air Plants, adding the green moss is optional; the piece looks great with or without the moss. If you decide to use the moss, there are various colors you can choose from. My personal favorite is the brown moss with the gold pot.


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Preserving Your Wedding Flowers

With the hectic pace at which most weddings progress you may not be thinking about how to preserve your flowers after the wedding. However, this is a very important thing that most brides find themselves wanting to do after their wedding. Here are some tips on preserving your wedding flowers.

One method that you can use to preserve your wedding flowers that you may not even realize is an option is microwaving them. It is important that this is done very carefully. You will need to take a small number of thin flowers and lay them between two pieces of paper towel. After heating the flowers for a minute or two you need to give them time to cool off. You may have to repeat this several times until the flowers have become completely dry. Another method you can use to preserve your wedding flowers is to apply silica gel to them. The gel works to remove the moisture from your flowers, which will allow you to preserve them. It should be put on the heads of the flowers, which should then be laid between two pieces of paper towels again and put in the microwave for anywhere from one to three minutes. After you remove them from the microwave they will take roughly a half an hour to cool off. After this has happened you can remove any gel that remains on the flowers by gently brushing it off.

If you would rather not put your wedding flowers in the microwave you also have the option to take an empty egg carton and pour a small amount of silica gel into each cup. You can then place one flower in each cup and apply more silica. The silica should not be applied directly to the petals but should surround them. You will need to apply an inch or two of silica on the top of each flower you want to preserve. Using this method it takes anywhere from three to seven days for the drying process to be completed.

An easier way to preserve your wedding flowers is to take all the leaves off the bottom of each stem. You will then want to bundle together your flowers in however many bunches you need to make to accommodate them all. When bundling them together the flowers should not be touching each other. The next step in this process is to hang them upside down. This must be done in a room that is dark and dry; a closet is often an ideal choice.

To be able to display your wedding flowers after preserving them your best option is to use the standard flower pressing technique. You can them frame the flowers so you can look at them every day.

Since preserving your wedding flowers is so important, you will want to choose one of these methods in order to get the job done. Preserving your wedding flowers is a great way to remember your big day. 

Little Known Facts About Orchids

Orchids are a popular flower for weddings and other occasions. However there are some facts about them that not everyone knows. Horticulturists tend to love Orchids and many consider them their favorite of all plants. They are grown all over the world and are unique compared to most other flowers.

Over 25,000 different species of Orchids can be found throughout the world. It is believed that the highest concentration of Orchids is in parts of the world considered tropical. One of the reasons horticulturists love Orchids so much is that they can hybridize them in an effort to create additional species of the flower that nature could never create.

The reason so many people prefer Orchids to other flowers is that Orchids most closely resemble symmetry that reminds people of their own faces. Just as people’s faces represent bilateral symmetry so do Orchids. This means that if one were to draw a line down the middle of any Orchid both sides would be each other’s mirror images.

Unlike other types of flowers Orchids get insects to pollinate the flowers. The reason for this is because of the shape and color the Orchids reproductive parts are. They attract insects due to their shape and color. Upon any insect showing an interest in an Orchid the insect ends up covered in pollen. The insect will then fly away from the Orchid in an attempt to find itself a mate.

Orchids have a history that other flowers do not. In 2007 Nature Journal reported the results of a study that stated a bee had been discovered that had pollen on its back that came directly from an ancient Orchid. The Orchid was determined to date anywhere from 10 to 15 million years. Scientists have reason to believe that Orchids were actually around over 15 million years ago. There has been research conducted that shows certain Orchid species existed as long as approximately 120 million years ago. This, of course, was long before the world was split into the continents that now make up the entire world. There are two Orchid species that grown thousands of miles away from each other. It is believed that these specific species of Orchids are related very closely. The working theory held by scientists is that these two species grew had an ancestor in common until the drifting of continents separated them.  

Flat leafed Orchids are also known as Vanilla Orchids. This is among the most widespread Orchid types. Latin horticulturists routinely cultivate this type of Orchid due to its charms and flavorful quality. Of all the orchid crop types, Vanilla Orchids are the sole species to be grown commercially.

It takes a lot of patience to grow Orchids in one’s yard as, upon planting them, it takes anywhere from five to seven years for germination to take place.

These interesting facts contribute to the fascination that people all over the world have about Orchids. They are widely loved and used by many. 

Hosting A Flower Themed Bridal Shower

Hosting a flower themed bridal shower gives you tons of possibilities when it comes to planning. You can incorporate the theme into almost every aspect of the shower. Since most weddings involve flowers anyway this is the perfect way to get the most use out of the chosen flower types.

Depending on how you are sending out the invitations for the bridal shower you can even incorporate flowers into this aspect. If you are willing and able to hand deliver the invitations to guests you can create a small bouquet for each invitation. Simply attach the invitation to the bouquet and you have a unique invitation that its recipients will always remember. To get even more creative you can send out small packages of seeds that each recipient will then be able to plant in their yard. These packages can be included in your invitations.

For affordable centerpieces for the bridal shower you can use paper flowers in lieu of real ones. They are easy to make using printed card stock and they can even be placed in vases to be displayed at the shower. You can use both solid colored paper stock and patterned paper stock to give the centerpieces more depth. Once you have cut the flowers out you can attach them to stems with florist’s wire. The final touch is to wrap a ribbon around each flower arrangement and place them in vases accordingly. You can even sprinkle flowers such as rose petals on the tables to further incorporate the flower theme into the shower.

If you are so inclined you can even bake cookies in the shape of flowers. You can design them to look like almost any type of flower using the appropriate food coloring. Silk flowers can be used to decorate sweets such as cakes and cupcakes.

To send the bridal shower guests home with a flower themed party favor you can purchase small favor boxes and decorate them with real or fake flowers. Using ribbons you can tie the flowers to the lid of the box. Another idea for party favors is to create honey pot favors. Take a plain white container and decorate it the same way as the favor boxes. Include a planted flower in each container and guests can replant it in their home garden.

For a party favor fit for a bridal shower you can design a corsage for each guest. The first step is to choose the type of flower you want to use in the corsages and gather together enough flowers to make them. Along with floral tape and wire, scissors and ribbon you can create the perfect party favor.

These are just a few of the ways you can incorporate a flower theme into any bridal shower. There are countless other options you could choose to add to the theme of the gathering. Flowers are always a great choice when celebrating an upcoming wedding in a fun and creative way.
Everything You Need to Know About Roses

Having knowledge of some of the most common flowers is valuable to anyone. One of the flowers that people cherish the most is the rose. It is a symbol of love and romance all over the world. There are many types of roses but the oldest type is “species” roses which have been in existence for 35 million years. They are also referred to as “nature’s roses” because all other varieties of roses come from this one.

Dating back to 14th century literature has been the Apothecary Rose. This type of rose earned its name for its use in medicine during medieval times. Among the Romans the most popular type of rose has been the Autumn Damask rose.

There are both old garden roses and modern roses in existence. Starting in 1800 roses were sent from China to Europe and combined with European roses to create the original red rose that has become such a symbol of love and romance. China tea roses introduced the world to the traditionally shaped rose that we know today. Modern roses are actually a combination of plants such as shrubs and grandifloras. 1867 is the first year in which the modern rose was introduced to the world. At that time it was referred to as “La France.”

Knowledge of roses must include knowledge of the garden, spray and standard roses and understanding the differences between them. Garden roses are mainly considered to be hybrids. They are the most widely grown type of roses. The majority of garden roses are grown so that the flowers can be used in bouquets and various types of décor. The rest of them are grown to be used as hedging and ground cover in public places.

Though Spray roses are most often thought of as simply being miniature roses there are more to them than that. The truth is that these roses are often used in flower arrangements in order to make larger arrangements more affordable. Centerpieces and bouquets often benefit from using spray roses to fill them out.

A standard rose is the term used for any rose growing on only one stem. These roses become rather tall when growing a garden. Since the stem of a standard rose can grow up to three feet tall it is important for the survival of the flowers that the stem can handle the weight of them. Often they need to be supported by something. However, most people tend to want to support them with a wooden stake. This is a bad idea because the wood can become rotted and cause the stem to crack. A better option for supporting standard roses is to use a support cane. A plastic stake inserted into the ground is the best way to support standard roses. Plastic stakes are likely to last for as long as the roses do.

This knowledge of roses can help you better learn how to choose the right type for your needs.
Preserving The Life Of Your Flowers

You want your floral arrangements to remain beautiful for as long as possible. There are some things that you can do to extend the life of your flowers. If you are keeping your flowers in a vase make sure that you put flower food in the water. You can get flower food from any florist or nursery. Flower food will only prolong the life of your flowers is you give them the proper amount. If you are using floral foam make sure the foam is soaked with water that has the flower food mixed in.

The ingredients in food flower are what help your flowers last longer. They are a flower friendly version of sugar, citric acid or something similar to cut down on the pH level in the flower food and a biocide that works to eliminate bacteria found in the food. A lot of the flower foods on the market today also have an agent in them that helps your flowers last longer in the water you fill the vase with.

Another effective way to help your flowers last longer is to keep them at cool temperatures, because most flowers do the best in cool weather. 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 72 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature to keep most flowers at. You should also avoid placing your flowers any place where they will get hit directly by sunlight. Some flowers thrive under fluorescent lighting, remaining healthy and retaining the flower’s color for longer. They should also be placed away from vents and even TVs in your home. Many people don’t realize that TVs give off heat that can dehydrate and wilt your flowers. Too much hot air is as damaging to flowers as too much cold air is.

If you have boxed flowers that you want to make last as long as possible. When you first bring them home store them in a cool part of your house if you will not be providing them with flower food right away. As you get ready to put them in a vase you will want to thoroughly wash the vase with some type of cleaning solution that fights off bacteria and then fill the vase with water and flower food. Any leaves on your flowers that would be exposed to the water when placed in a vase should be trimmed off first. Failure to do so makes it likely that bacteria will grow in the water and this will result in your flowers not absorbing all the water they need.

When you plant your flowers in a garden or pot make sure the soil stays moist. Watering your flowers too little is as bad as watering them too much. Either way they won’t last for as long as you would like them to.

Making your flowers last is not hard to do if you know what you are doing. Proper care should always be taken with flowers. 

Do It Yourself Party Decoration Tips


Decorating for any type of party does not have to become expensive. There are fun and easy ways to create decorations that will put your unique style into your party. The time of year when you are throwing your party can make it easier to help you choose the right colors for your decorations. A summertime party calls for bright colors while a wintertime party calls for more muted colors. For spring, pastels are a great choice if you aren’t turned off by them. An autumn party calls for seasonal colors such as green, orange and brown.

One easy way to decorate a room for a party is to create colored pompoms. These can also be used for outdoor parties as they can be put in trees on the site of the party. Set aside a decent amount of time to create pompoms, because it can be time consuming. You will want to purchase tissue paper in your chosen party colors. The tissue paper can then be folded around floral wire. Then all you need to do is trim the end of the wire to finish creating your pompoms. If you are decorating for an outdoor party and you want the pompoms to resemble flower arrangements. You can do this by separating the layers of tissue paper you use and arrange them to look like a bouquet of flowers.

For an outdoor party that will run after sunset you can add an extra kick to the party by inserting glow sticks into colored balloons. An easy way to blow up the balloons at home without taking your own breath away is to pour baking soda and vinegar into each balloon. Doing so will cause them to inflate.  If this is a little too much for you there are other ways to jazz up balloons for your party. You can decorate your balloons with acrylic paint. Whether you do this before or after you blow the balloons up is entirely up to you. It will have different effects if you paint your balloons before blowing them up as opposed to after.

A great way to combine decorations with cold drinks for your party is to purchase a party bowl and some fish shaped ice cube trays. You can put any kind of juice in the bowl but if you pour a blue colored juice into it you will have created what looks like a fish bowl. This can be great for a party for kids, adults or both.

Another creative way to serve drinks at a party and still contribute to the décor is to create a watermelon keg. You can put any liquid in it, so it can be used for a child’s party as well. All you have to do is poke a hole, insert a liquid and attach a dispenser.

Following these tips will enhance your party decorations, help you save money and give your creativity a whirl. 

DIY Tips And Tricks For Themed Parties

If you are throwing a party with a specific theme, such as St. Patrick’s Day or an Oscar viewing party it is easy to make your own party favors, treats, etc. Sending your guests home with goody bags from a St. Patrick’s Day party doesn’t have to involve any more than printing out Happy St. Patrick’s Day labels that you design yourself and attach to the goody bags. You can fill these bags with Rollos or other candies covered in gold or green tin foil.

For an Oscar viewing party you can get very creative with many aspects of it. With some cardboard or poster board and markers or paint you can create place card signs similar to what you would find at a wedding reception. Most people use gold paint or markers to signify the color of the statues being handed out to the show’s winners. Phrases and sayings commonly heard during an awards show are the perfect thing to put on your DIY place cards. You can even design and print out your own ballot cards. Hand them out at the beginning of the party so each guest can predict the winners in each category. For a truly interactive party experience you can even design little prizes for those guests who correctly guess the winner of a category.

Everybody loves Mickey Mouse so if you are throwing a party with that theme you have lots of DIY options for party décor. One thing that you can easily create for this type of party is Rice Krispy Treats in the shape of Mickey’s head. You can even dip the ears in melted chocolate for a more realistic look. If you have cookie or sandwich cutters in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head preparing the food for the party will be a breeze. You can even make cupcakes and stick two mini Oreos or other similar chocolate flavored cookies on top to look like Mickey Mouse’s ears.

If you are throwing a summer time party and you want to use a flower theme you can easily make party décor for that too. Beautiful looking fake flowers can easily be made by dying coffee filters and shaping them into a rose or other type of flower. For a creative table decoration you can take a vase and fill it with dollar bills shaped to look like a bouquet. This makes a great gift for any recipient as well.

No matter what type of party you are throwing chances are you will need tableware. To make it more creative you can purchase plain white tableware and decorate to match whatever the theme of the party is. Geometric shapes are an easy and fun way to give your tableware a unique look. This can be done by buying or creating a stamp you can easily use with craft paint or ink.

Themed parties can be fun to throw and half the fun is doing it yourself. 

Matching Complimentary Colors In DIY Decorating

Whether you are decorating for a party or just choosing new décor for your home it is important to match colors up correctly. Certain colors will clash when used together and this should be avoided in most cases. Matching complimentary colors does not have to be a difficult task.

If you are decorating for a party you will want to choose two or three colors that will complement each other. One good way to match colors up is to test out certain colors in the room the party will take place so you can see what will look the best. The colors you choose should depend on the type of party you are throwing as well as how much light will be in the room during the party. The size of the room you are having the party in will make a difference also. For small party rooms or a small room in your home it is best to stick with light colors as dark colors will make the room look smaller and less inviting. If you are determined to have a darker color as part of your decorating scheme it is best to pair a dark color with a neutral color. This will give the room a dramatic feel and make it more visually interesting. Neutral colors will make any small room look a little bit bigger, so if that is your goal, choose your colors carefully.

To decorate for winter holidays you will want to use red and green. However you would be smart to stick to dark red choices, like brick red or something similar. The darker reds are easier to match with the other colors you choose to use. Dark red shades have a little bit of both orange and violet, so these colors pair well with any dark red décor you may choose to use. When pairing up red and green make sure to use a muted green. Using a bold green shade with a dark red shade may create an effect that is unflattering to the human eye. When decorating with red you should avoid trying to pair it with yellows and blues as it may have the same effect as combining dark red and bold green.

When you are decorating for the summer or summer themed party be careful how you incorporate yellow décor. Since yellow is naturally such a bright color it will be easier on the eyes if you use a pale shade of yellow. If you would prefer, you can pair pastel yellow with muted shades of orange and/or green.

Yellow can easily be paired with violet if you plan to use one color or the other as an accent color only. This will leave you with an eye catching style that can make any party or room in your home feel more exciting.

Pairing up complimentary colors is easy to do with a little planning and knowledge of desirable color combinations. 

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