Best Wedding Planning Tips for Brides-to-Be on a Budget

By Sophia Young
Updated 12:00 AM PST, Fri January 6, 2023

Every bride deserves to have her dream wedding, but no bride should have to go into debt to do that. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to cut on wedding costs without compromising your special day’s most essential elements. To help you out, we’ve put together a few practical tips so you can throw a wedding that doesn’t break the bank: 

1. Get married at the right time

Avoid walking down the aisle during the in-demand months of May to October and February (due to Valentine’s Day). Vendors and venues have a habit of raising their rates during these months. To save money, say your “I dos” over the slow season, as you’re more likely to get good deals and discounts. By far, the most budget-friendly time to hold your nuptials is in the winter due to the unpredictable weather.

Aside from the month, consider the day. You’ll have massive savings if you tie the knot on a weekday instead of a weekend. The downside is that many of your guests might not be available, but you can use this to your advantage to trim down your guest list! 

2. Choose a non-traditional location

A wedding venue can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. For a budget-friendly wedding, trade the ballrooms, wineries, and country clubs for unconventional venues such as gardens, art galleries, or your own home. You could even take a page from Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf’s book and get married in Central Park! 

To save even more money, why not have your ceremony and reception at the same place? In that way, you’ll no longer need to rent wedding cars for your guests and waste travel time. Choosing an unconventional venue can also make your big day more memorable. 

3. Say yes to the budget-friendly dress

Why would you spend a fortune on a dress you’ll wear only once? One of the best ways to save money on your big day is by wearing a pre-owned wedding dress. Borrow or buy a dress from a friend or family member and tweak it a bit to make it more “you”. Resale sites such as Nearly Newlywed and Still White are also treasure troves of pre-loved wedding dresses. 

If wearing a brand-new dress is non-negotiable for you, be smart about it. Buy from “ordinary” brands that have dabbled in wedding wear, or pick from the off-the-rack options at the bridal store. Whether you want something low-key or showstopping, you’re sure to find a swoon-worthy dress, even if you’re working with a budget. 

4. Buy re-wearable jewelry

If you don’t have heirloom pieces to wear on your wedding day, don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with splurging on new jewelry — as long as you’ll wear them again and again. 

When choosing your wedding jewelry, buy classic pieces that can be worn beyond your wedding day. Opt for simple pieces such as stud diamonds and pearl drops as they go with a wide range of outfits. Choosing pieces that can be re-worn can make the price tag seem less eye-watering. Don’t forget to care for your jewelry so you can get more use out of them for a longer time. 

5. Choose your flowers wisely

But who says the thrifty bride can’t have a floral-filled celebration? Here’s how to be strategic with your wedding flowers:

Buy in bulk. If you were to buy only a handful of flowers, you’d have to pay your florist per piece. Buying wholesale or do-it-yourself (diy) wedding flowers to craft your own decor is a great way to lower your decor costs. 

Stick to the season. In-season blooms will always cost less because they’re readily available. And since they don’t have to be shipped, they’ll be beautifully vibrant when they arrive. 

Fill your centerpiece with greenery. If you want to use specific flowers for your centerpiece but they’re too expensive, you can buff it up with fillers such as baby’s breath. 

Choose cheaper flowers. Roses, chrysanthemums, and carnations may be cheaper than other flowers, but they’re just as beautiful!

6. Send e-vites

Chances are, your wedding invitations will be your very first purchase. After all, how will you let people know you’re about to tie the knot? We know you want to wow your guests with gold leaf and calligraphy, but let’s be real — your guests will probably throw your invites in the garbage once your wedding is over. 

That’s why you should use e-vites or electronic invites instead. Not only will you be able to save more money, but your guests can conveniently RSVP. Plus, you can save time as you’ll no longer need to hand out your wedding invitations in person. 

7. Make it intimate

It can be tempting to invite everyone you’ve ever met. But remember, more guests means more expenses. To put things into perspective, the average cost per plate is $62 according to Value Penguin. If you invite 100 people, that’s $6,200 on food alone. 

Narrowing down your guest list to only a few friends and family can significantly cut costs. Ask yourself who you can’t have your wedding without. Do you really need that friend from first grade (whom you haven’t seen in years) at your wedding? Or that family member who brings nothing but drama? Probably not. Surround yourself with people whom you love and who love you the most. 

8. DIY what you can 

Your crafty side can save you a significant amount of money, so go and write your own table numbers, design your own welcome bags, and bundle your own boutonnieres.  


However, bear in mind that DIYing isn’t always the most cost-effective choice. In some cases, it may be cheaper to buy ready-made items. That’s why you should first compare the purchase price of an item to the cost of craft supplies. Don’t forget to consider if you have the time (and the craftiness) to do some DIYing.

Say “I do” to savings

Before you whip out your wallet, think about how you can make your big day more budget-friendly. With a few workarounds, you can have a swoon-worthy wedding that won’t put you and your partner in the red. In that way, you can begin your married life without worrying about bills. 

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