These Beautiful Natural Floral Arrangements Won't Break the Bank

We reached out to Euri Wong, lead floral designer at Bloominous, and asked her to shed some light on how to make the natural floral look work for your celebration.

Here's what we learned:

Choose the right type of greenery:

Natural Floral Arrangements EMBED 1

"Some greens lend themselves to more rustic, garden style weddings and other greens can feel more modern. For a black tie ballroom wedding, I would suggest using only one type of greenery for a more modern and sleek effect. You can use Silver Dollar Eucalyptus and create lush trees in glass vases, or use Palm leaves in tall glass cylinders for a spin on a black tie art deco wedding. For a destination beach wedding, go with tropical greens but add patterns for texture like Calathea and Hosta leaves."

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