These Beautiful Natural Floral Arrangements Won't Break the Bank.

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Trend reports show that when it comes to wedding flowers, brides seem to be going back to basics. They are opting out of the colorful and ornate floral arrangements and going for a more natural, all-green aesthetic. It could be, of course, because Pantone's 2017 color of the year is Greenery, but it could also be that brides are consciously walking away from the made-up, overly complicated (and expensive) look of traditional wedding blooms, in an attempt to make their special day feel more personal and organic.

Honestly, whatever the reason for this trend, we are happy to embrace it. Lush greenery, contrary to what people may think, is very versatile and depending on how it's done, could be appropriate for a lot of different kinds of weddings—from the more obvious like boho or vintage, to modern and formal.

And last but not least, it turns out that going for all-green floral arrangements could save you a buck, and we all know that's always a good thing.

We reached out to Euri Wong, lead floral designer at Bloominous, and asked her to shed some light on how to make the natural floral look work for your celebration.

Here's what we learned:

Choose the right type of greenery:

"Some greens lend themselves to more rustic, garden style weddings and other greens can feel more modern. For a black tie ballroom wedding, I would suggest using only one type of greenery for a more modern and sleek effect. You can use Silver Dollar Eucalyptus and create lush trees in glass vases, or use Palm leaves in tall glass cylinders for a spin on a black tie art deco wedding. For a destination beach wedding, go with tropical greens but add patterns for texture like Calathea and Hosta leaves."

50 shades of green

"Luckily, greenery comes in all shades of green, so you're never stuck with one shade! Make sure to mix different textures and types together to create interest in your bouquet. If you add color, add one large bloom for a big pop of color versus small flowers. Small flowers in a mass of greens can look like you're skimping. And since green is found everywhere in nature, we consider green to be a neutral. It goes well with all colors!"

The budget-friendly options:

"You can yield a larger arrangement of all greens than that of all flowers for the same price. Also, because greens can be very striking, you may not need as much material in certain arrangements.

For cool blues and something moody, I would suggest Acacia with purple foliage and Eucalyptus with Succulents. For garden style and romantic weddings, Southern Smilax is really popular. Italian Ruscus or Naggi are also very hardy. For boho-chic weddings, Pampas Grass and Bromeliads are great! We think that all ferns (including Fiddlehead Ferns) and airplants are so pretty for a forest-theme wedding."