Three Florists Share Their Best Ideas for Wilt-Proof Summer Wedding Flowers

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Nobody likes drooping flowers, especially not on their wedding day. But when the summer temperatures rise, or the heat waves often associated with the middle of the season strike, that's what you might end up with if you and your florist don't select the right blooms. While there aren't any flowers that are actually wilt-proof, there are some that are more likely to succeed than others. Here's what our experts have to say.

Go green.

Showing off your love of all things fresh and green makes sense for a summer wedding. Hearty, heat-resistant greenery, like eucalyptus, bay leaf, Italian ruscus, gardenia, raspberry, pieris bud, and southern smilax, are all good choices when the temps rise, says Kristi Svenkeson, creative director at Munster Rose. Ask your florist to create a bouquet of hand-tie greenery accented with a few local blooms, which tend to be more robust. The result is stunning and memorable. Textural greenery is also a great option to cascade down a wedding arch or chuppah.

Play up pods and berries.

While your heart might be set on certain blooms, Svenkeson recommends letting your florist source options that fit your style, vision, and the weather. That might mean trying something you never considered, or even heard of, like pods and berries. Your florist can reach out to local growers for amazing seasonal options. Great options include privet, viburnum, brunia, china, and blackberries. These selections look great when blended with the florals recommended below or as the star of the show in boutonniéres and corsages.

Choose hardy florals.

Any good florist knows that seasonal is best. "Sprinkling in seasonal floral accents from your region always improves the likelihood of them withstanding temps," says Svenkeson. During the summer, in-season blooms include dahlias, garden roses, sedum, and protea. These flowers all pair well with greenery, as well as pods and berries. Artistically placed blooms create a natural, provocative look in centerpieces and larger designs. Tip: Keep flowers in the air conditioning and in water until the last possible second.

Embrace tropical blooms.

Not only are they gorgeous, but cymbidium orchids are a hardy, tropical bloom, which makes them a go-to for summertime celebrations. While colors are limited, the soft hues they do come in are a great complement to any color scheme, says Euri Wong of Bloominous. Even better, they require little water, so they'll look great all day. Wong also likes calla lilies but recommends accenting them with something soft and delicate like wax flowers or baby's breath for centerpieces and bouquets. Both cymbidium orchids and calla lilies work well on their own as boutonniéres, too.

Don't forget roses.

A reliable classic, roses are available in pretty much every color and generally hold up well, as long as you keep them in water up until the big moment. "Roses are cultivated to be strong, and they still retain their shape when dehydrated," says Wong. "If they do wilt, their necks don't bend as quickly like most delicate flowers, and their petals won't droop or shrink."

Play around with potted plants and vines.

While cut flowers are popular, potted plants and vines can also be a great choice. They're especially great as ceremony or altar décor, says Danielle Rowe of Brown Paper Design. Even better, they're cost-effective and can easily be reused in your garden after the wedding. Not the gardening type? Donate them to a local assisted living facility.