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Richard Lim, Founder

Richard met Crystal when they were business school students. Every week, he bought her a bouquet from the local flower shop. This gesture was sweet, but it started to add up (especially on a grad school budget). Luckily, it was money well spent. Now they’re married and those weekly bouquets make for a great story to tell future grandkids.

Flowers continued to be a regular part of Richard’s life. Business school paved the way for a job as an executive at TeleFlora, where Richard led the farm-direct business for 13,000 U.S. florists. He learned all about the logistics of shipping as well as the hefty markups that come along with getting flowers from the farm to the florist to the customer.

One fortuitous day, when he was doing price comparisons at the Los Angeles Flower Market, he bumped into a childhood friend, Euri. She had become a florist. This chance meet-up led to a chat about a business idea Richard had for a new way to shop for wedding flowers.

As the idea was brewing, Richard and Crystal got engaged and started the all-consuming journey of wedding planning. Endless researching and meeting with vendors became a huge part of their lives. While many spouses won’t say it out loud,  going to florists doesn’t top the list of ways to spend a Saturday. Couldn’t a couple just go online and shop for wedding flowers that brought all the quality, without the cost? And get their weekends back?

As it turns out, yes. All of that’s possible…

Welcome to Bloominous.

“Bloominous gives you back the time to enjoy the moments that matter most”

Our Mission

We could spend all day thinking about flowers—obviously! But we know that’s not the reality for everyone else. Bloominous makes one big part of wedding planning easier and more efficient, giving you back the time to enjoy the moments that matter most. Just imagine skipping those time-consuming vendor visits by choosing gorgeous, affordable flowers from your own couch. It’s a win-win! 

Our mission is to bring every big day vision to life, the simple way

Personalized designs: Because of our vast collection of flowers from around the world, we can personalize any collection to create your dream florals.

Incredible quality: We source freshly cut, premium florals directly from farmers. You’ll receive our flowers just 7-10 days after picking, so blooms will be just right on your wedding day.

Concierge service: Consider your Bloominous designer a personal stylist. Our concierge service creates a seamless experience—with outstanding service—every step of the way.