Flower Care


Bloominous sources the best flowers in the world direct from the farm. Unlike flowers you get from the florist, wholesaler, or market, Bloominous flowers are cut-to-order, and in some cases planted-to-your-order. Because our flowers are shipped fresh from the farm, they need about 1-2 days to fully bloom. This is by design so that you have the most beautiful blooms possible for your event or wedding.

If you are purchasing our Do-It-Yourself Wedding Floral Kits, the following will help you get started.

5 Simple Steps to Get Started (DIY Only)

1. Fill a bucket/vase up to about a quarter-full with cold, clean water

2. Carefully open the wrappers or sleeves around the flowers.

3. Cut the stems at an angle around 1 inch from the bottom. Please place all flowers in the water. (Exceptions are succulents, garlands, dried flowers, and peonies).

4. Remove any leaves below the waterline

5. Place the flowers in a cool place. Avoid direct sunlight and air vents. It will take about 3-4 hours for the flowers to perk up. Change the water everyday and keep the water clean.